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Phuket News
Patong Police chief suspicious of Canadian Muay Thai fighter’s ‘suicide’
PHUKET: The Chief of the Patong Police has called for a thorough investigation into the death of ...
PHUKET XTRA: VIDEO: Monkey Hill attack! and Russian flight! delay || July 25
PHUKET XTRA - July 25 Monkey Hill attack! No more immigration cards? 100,000 baht for missing ...
Stranded sea turtles give Phuket lifeguards an extra job in monsoon season
PHUKET: Members of the Phuket Lifeguard Service stationed at Nai Thon Beach yesterday (July 24) ...
Phuket Gazette -Spotlight
Royal Family provides aid to Phuket animal shelters
PHUKET: A representative of the Royal Family, as well as a delegation of officials including Phuket ...
Drug dealer busted at Tah Chat Chai checkpoint
PHUKET: A drug dealer was arrested with more than 4,000 pills of ya bah (methamphetamine) ...
Canadian boxer found dead in rental home : Top Stories
Bangkok bomb suspect back in jail seconds after bail
Crime suppression police arrested a female suspect in a bombing case seconds after she was released ...
Yingluck: Government tries to influence court
Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Tuesday accused the government of trying to influence ...
Staff crunch? Housewives may be answer
TOKYO: Japan's second-largest convenience store chain hopes it has found an answer to its labour ...

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