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Phuket News
TAT puts on maritime safety show for Thai, Chinese media
PHUKET: The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) yesterday (July 18) led Thai and Chinese media to review steps being taken to assist those impacted by the recent boat sinking in Phuket waters, the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT) has reported.
B150mn Chinese call centre scam busted in Patong, B13mn in cash seized
PHUKET: Tourist Police Deputy Commander Gen Surachet Hakpan was in Phuket yesterday to announce co-ordinated raids staged with Chinese Police that ended a call centre scam operation based in Patong that had defrauded victims of a reported B150 million.
Tourists storm-stranded on Koh Racha safely returned to Phuket
PHUKET: A Marine Police boat was dispatched to safely recover 33 tourists stranded on Koh Racha Yai late yesterday (July 18) due to the strong storm conditions.
Court jails five in sex trafficking case
BANGKOK: The Criminal Court yesterday (July 18) sentenced an Australian pub owner to 19 years in prison and four foreign and Thai accomplices to 16 years each for sex-trafficking four Moroccan women.
Cave boys speak of ‘miracle’ rescue after hospital discharge
CHIANG RAI: Twelve Thai boys and their football coach who were rescued by divers after being trapped in a flooded cave for over two weeks spoke publicly yesterday (July 18) of their incredible ordeal.
Bus backs over Chinese boy, 6, at Chonburi temple
CHONBURI: A 6-year-old Chinese boy was killed while chasing a cat as he ran behind a tour coach as it was backing up in the parking area of a temple in Bang Lamung district today (July 18).
Live grenade found dumped in roadside rubbish
PHUKET: An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called to a quiet street in Karon early this morning (July 18) to safely remove a live grenade found dumped among roadside rubbish.
PHUKET XTRA: VIDEO: ’Holy water’ death? Khao San vendors moving! Phoenix boat update || July 18
PHUKET XTRA - July 18 Former monk cuffed over ’holy water’ death |:| Phoenix Update: Owner bailed out? |:| Another body found floating |:| Search continues for jet-ski rider |:| Khao San Road vendors to move? Hosted : JP Mestanza || #Phuket
Elon Musk apologises to British caver for ’pedo’ slur
BANGKOK: Elon Musk has apologised for calling a British caver who helped rescue 12 Thai boys from a cave a “pedo”, retracting a comment that had drawn widespread outrage and briefly sent shares in Tesla tumbling.
Weather warning remains in force for Phuket, Andaman
PHUKET: The heavy weather warning for Phuket and along the Andaman seaboard remains in effect, with the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) reissuing its caution again this morning (July 18).
The Thaiger
30 tourists stuck at Koh Racha Yai call for help to get back to Phuket

The Phuket Marine Police were called today (July 19) to fetch about 30 tourists back to Chalong Pier from Koh Rach Yai, following another day of strong winds and high seas. At 6am today the Phuket Marine Police were notified that there are 6 Thais, 15 Chinese, 2 Russians and 7 New Zealanders that were […]

The post 30 tourists stuck at Koh Racha Yai call for help to get back to Phuket appeared first on The Thaiger.

Hua Hin: Five of ten investigated hotels found to be ‘illegal’

PHOTO: Five Hua Hin hotels, under the spotlight in an investigation into the town’s illegal hotels, are now set to be served closure notices. Manager Online is reporting that Somporn Patchimpetch, the head of the investigating committee, says that loopholes in the law had meant that the ten dodgy hotels had continued to operate […]

The post Hua Hin: Five of ten investigated hotels found to be ‘illegal’ appeared first on The Thaiger.

86 billion baht budget set for Chiang Mai light rail system

A green light for a go ahead of Chiang Mai’s planned light railway transit system has been issued by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA). Chiang Mai City Life is reporting that, following an initial approval for the project back in August 2017, the MRTA has finally given the green light to start […]

The post 86 billion baht budget set for Chiang Mai light rail system appeared first on The Thaiger.

National: War on plastic bags – Thai environment minister

If you go to any Thai market or even stop off at a street store selling a refreshing Thai iced-coffee, you will know that you end up with plastic bags, plastic containers and plastic carry-bags for everything. Thai Rath is reporting that the Thai environment minister, General Surasak Kanjanarat, is declaring war on plastic bags […]

The post National: War on plastic bags – Thai environment minister appeared first on The Thaiger.

Five jailed up to 19 years for forcing Moroccan women into prostitution

PHOTOS: The Nation “Pearl was accused of being the gang leader as he owns the Dream Disco Pub on the fourth floor of the Zenith Hotel where the four victims were forced into prostitution from October 2016 to March 2017.” A 46 year old Australian has been sentenced to 19 years imprisonment by the Criminal […]

The post Five jailed up to 19 years for forcing Moroccan women into prostitution appeared first on The Thaiger.

‘Crocodile-like’ creature spotted swimming at Yanui Beach

Something officials are describing as a ‘crocodile’ was spotted off the coast at Yanui Beach, just south of Nai Harn beach, yesterday. The witness who first saw it claims the crocodile was chasing him but that he managed to escape. Chalong Police were notified of the incident around 4.30pm. Officers from the Marine Endangered Species Unit […]

The post ‘Crocodile-like’ creature spotted swimming at Yanui Beach appeared first on The Thaiger.

Thai citizenship likely for one of the Mu Pa team

PHOTOS: The Nation During the rescue of the Mu Pa 13 from the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai it emerged that three of the team members and their 25 year old coach Ekkapol, were ‘stateless’ – caught in a bureaucratic neverland between Thailand and the nearby border Myanmar area which isn’t recognised by the […]

The post Thai citizenship likely for one of the Mu Pa team appeared first on The Thaiger.

Boeing says Asian region biggest growth area for aviation in next two decades

By Data Leads. PHOTO: Thai Airways Boeing 787 Asian countries are estimated to require 16,930 more airplanes by 2037, making the region the fastest growing aviation area in the world. Boeing’s annual forecast, the Commercial Market Outlook, reveals that the world fleet of jet planes would need 42, 370 new planes valued at US$6.3 trillion. The […]

The post Boeing says Asian region biggest growth area for aviation in next two decades appeared first on The Thaiger.

“We only intended to visit the cave for an hour” – Mu Pa 13

PHOTOS: The Nation The Mu Pa Academy team and their assistant coach yesterday fronted the media as a group for the first and last time last night in Chiang Rai in a carefully staged media event. Questions from local and international media were carefully vetted before being addressed to the team members who, all dressed […]

The post “We only intended to visit the cave for an hour” – Mu Pa 13 appeared first on The Thaiger.

Thaiger Radio News – Thursday

Listen to the daily news from The Thaiger, anytime, anywhere.

The post Thaiger Radio News – Thursday appeared first on The Thaiger. : Top Stories
Google vows to 'Leave No Thais Behind'
Google Thursday announced a collaboration with local partners on access to education, content, localised products and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) promotion as part of the tech giant's long-term goal of broadening its digital economy network in Thailand.
Google domination at core of new antitrust fine
The European Union is poised to strike Google with a record-breaking $2.8 billion antitrust fine over its Android mobile operating system.- REUTERS
Rescuers scour rubble after apartment block collapses in India
A six-storey building collapsed into an adjacent construction site in Greater Noida near New Delhi killing at least three people, authorities said on Wednesday. - REUTERS
Boeing gets $3.9 billion contract for new Air Force One
Boeing has received a $3.9 billion contract to build two 747-8 aircraft for use as Air Force One by the U.S. president, due to be delivered by December 2024 and painted red, white and blue. - REUTERS
Jailed Reuters reporter testifies in Myanmar
Reuters reporter Wa Lone, who along with colleague Kyaw Soe Oo is on trial in Myanmar, say the police questioning after they were arrested in December centered on their reporting of a Rohingya massacre, not on secret state documents they're accused of obtaining. - REUTERS
Police reform panel to tackle probe bill
A committee scrutinising a bill on police reform has agreed to draft another police-related law with the aim of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of police criminal investigations.
Concert features talented Thai flautists
Blackbird Flute Quartet, a group of young passionate Thai flautists of different musical backgrounds, will give a flute recital at Sala Sudasiri Sobha concert hall, Lat Phrao 41, on Sunday at 4pm.
Son-Tinh drenches North, Northeast
Tropical storm Son-Tinh, which is gathering in strength over the South China Sea, will bring heavy rain to the North and Northeast until Saturday, the Meteorological Department has warned.
Phuket must face demons, or end is nigh
My condolences to the families of the 47 Chinese holidaymakers who were killed when the diving boat they were on sank in the waters off Phuket in a fierce storm on July 5. It's a massive loss.
Conscripts aren't servants
The army's tradition of allowing officers to use conscripts as personal houseboys was hit with more bad press this week as one of the newly enlisted men exposed his degrading and inhumane working and living conditions while serving at the residence of a military officer.
Rights report calls for criminal investigation into Rohingya genocide
Violence and the military operations against the Rohingya in recent years constitute genocide and crimes against humanity, human right defenders Fortify Rights categorically state in their report released on Thursday, which identifies 22 Myanmar Army and Police officials who should be criminally investigated for their roles in the atrocities.
Cave boys undergo spirit-boosting rite, make merit for Saman
The 12 young footballers and their assistant coach rescued from Tham Luang Cave underwent a “life-prolonging ritual” at a temple on Thursday morning intended to lift their morale and that of their families.
Teens glued to phones risk 'modest' rise in ADHD symptoms: study
Could teenagers suffer symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after engaging in excessive smartphone use?
Boeing predicts Strong Growth in Asia’s Aviation Market
The airplane demand and service market will be highest in Asia Pacific region by 2037, with Asia Pacific region countries estimated to require 16,930 more airplanes. 
Chinese suspects held over Phuket ‘call-centre’ scam
The Tourist Police Bureau in Bangkok said it had arrested two Thai, 22 Chinese and one Burmese citizen, who were allegedly working for a call-centre scam gang that has purportedly stolen some Bt13 million. The arrests happened in Patong Wednesday.
It was a miracle, say Mu Pa boys
Thai citizenship likely for one footballer
Tambon official says records of mu pa player Mongkol, 13, found at nursery.
Thai team to explore North Pole to better protect ecosystem
A THAI TEAM will be the first from Asia to explore the North Pole on a mission to conduct underwater exploration and the impact of microplastics on marine life.
Petch seeks title-winning Glory in New York
Local hope Petchpanomrung (Petch) Kiatmookao will take on American kick-boxer Kevin Vannostrand for the interim featherweight title at a GLORY 55 event in New York tomorrow night.
Chiang Mai, Thailand News
Teen dies in boarding school fire in Chiang Mai

A 15-year-old girl was killed in a fire that engulfed the living quarters of a Protestant boarding school in Chiang Mai's Fang district early on Wednesday. Fang police were alerted at 1:30am to the fire at the Christian Paolo School that is run by the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand.

Scoop: Coming Up on the Bachelorette on Abc - Monday, July 23, 2018

"Episode 1409" - Becca and her three smitten suitors travel to the jungle paradise of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the country's tropical climate can only match the heat generated by her relationships with Blake, Garrett and Jason. The romantic overnight dates will give Becca the opportunity to spend intimate time with each of the men away from the cameras.

Malaysia to replace 'embarrassing' tourism logo

The logo, modeled after a postage stamp, was launched at the Asean Tourism Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand earlier this year by former Tourism and Culture Minister Mohamed Nazri Aziz. Featuring the Petronas Twin Towers, an orangutan hugging a proboscis monkey, a turtle on a beach donning sunglasses, a questionable typeface in clashing colors, and the tagline: Travel.

From porn to shopping, how the internet is fuelling new addictions

Process addictions - an obsession with a behaviour, rather than a substance - are spiking, with counsellors blaming the internet and mobile devices for getting people hooked on porn, cybersex, gambling, gaming and much more "It was like zero to a hundred miles an hour in a heartbeat," recalls the 39- year-old expatriate British surveyor. "All of a sudden I could go down all these different avenues of pornography [and see] different types of girls."

Overtourism Becomes a Burden for Thailand as It Breaks Visitor Records

Overtourism is a phrase Skift has championed to describe a phenomenon that's increasingly common and that requires industry attention. In Thailand, the number of annual visitors to the country has gone from 25 million four years ago to an expected 40 million next year.

Tabada: Switch

IF a prostitute were mistaken for a politician, would he or she cry, "Foul"? Or shrug off the slip as just hair-splitting? The recent incident over a public official charged for misconduct stemmed when the official, a woman, verbally and physically assaulted hotel employees who mistook her for her male companion's "escort." In the official's own statements, the euphemism "escort" was replaced with the Cebuano slang for a sex worker, "pokpok."

The 2018 World's Best Cities

What makes a city truly great? Jaw-dropping architecture, distinctive restaurants, a rich array of cultural offerings, and intriguing shops are a must. A teeming street life, a friendly population, and a harmonious relationship with nature are equally essential.

Ministry seeks new design to replace Visit Malaysia 2020 logo

"It will be an open contest this time. The idea is to get a proper design with Malaysians joining in to give their perspective," its minister Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi said when contacted yesterday.

Football team freed from Thai cave after three-day diving mission

It took three missions over three days for a crack team of divers to guide the group one-by-one through the 4-kilometre-long labyrinth. Much of the journey to the cave's entrance was through freezing, muddy water that proved challenging for even the Thai Navy SEAL divers.

PM: Musk 'keen to invest in Thailand'

TECH TYCOON Elon Musk is ready to seize investment opportunities in Thailand, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha revealed after the two men met at the cave rescue operation in Chiang Mai. Prayut said yesterday that he had talked briefly with the American businessman at Chiang Rai airport during his visit to the northern province to follow up the operation to bring the Mu Pa academy footballers out of Tham Luang cave. : Most recent
editing .. Repeatedly shot motorcyclist fled gunmen in cars
SAMUT PRAKAN: A man who was dragged off his motorcycle, shot repeatedly in the abdomen and then abducted later staggered into a shop and asked for help, early on Thursday morning.
Fishing crew missing after boat capsizes
TRAT: Rough seas were preventing a search on Thursday for the crew of the fishing boat Tor Chok Siri Sombat, which capsized off Muang district on Wednesday.
Google vows to 'Leave No Thais Behind'
Google Thursday announced a collaboration with local partners on access to education, content, localised products and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) promotion as part of the tech giant's long-term goal of broadening its digital economy network in Thailand.
Energy Ministry denies role in MHPS bribery case
The Energy Ministry has denied involvement with a bribery case concerning Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and a 5,300-megawatt gas-fired power plant.
Gold prices unchanged
The Gold Traders Association on Thursday morning announced buying prices at 18,950.00 baht per baht-weight for gold ornaments and 19,300.00 baht per baht-weight for gold bars.
Commerce vows stricter inspections
Following the Phuket boat tragedy, the Commerce Ministry has vowed to step up inspections of business owners, particularly in tourism, property and farming, to root out foreign operators using Thai nominees.
Warning over trans fat ban blowback
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is concerned that the Public Health Ministry's new regulation to ban the production, import and distribution of food containing trans fats will increase costs for food operators, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Survey sheds light on Thai travel habits
While one in five Thai travellers put a lot of research into planning trips to ensure they have the best trip possible, close to 20% think on-the-go planning is the best way to discover new things, with 11% getting a thrill from spontaneity, says
PWO to take rice scheme deals to court
The Public Warehouse Organisation (PWO) is to file by the end of September a number of cases with the Administrative Court that involve 244 contracts signed between the PWO and other parties connected to the rice-pledging scandal.
Aircraft fail to find any bidders
The Legal Execution Department (LED) Wednesday put up for auction three aircraft, including one owned by a bankrupt airline that left 400 passengers stranded in Korea six years ago.